Thursday, January 12, 2006

Elmo l oves POOP

It is an exciting day in the mindiola household. Christian has been on the potty twice and went both times, and even went poop once. YEAH. Thanks any and all for the prayers about the job. I heard from the lady today, and she said I would know by Monday, so i'll keep you posted.

Have a good day!


Anonymous Teresa said...

Very Nice! It's a nice way to keep up with what is going on in your life. Potty training is "great". My only advice is DON'T USE PULL UP! They are just another form od a diaper. Christian will never "feel' it if he gets wet and it won't be uncomfortable for him so the training process takes longer. Trust me on this... Just use them for naps and bedtime.
I love you sissy!
Give Christian a huge hug and kiss from Auntie!

7:43 AM

Anonymous teresa said...

OOOPS. Soory about all my typos. It's early!!!!!
I meant Pull Up's

7:46 AM

Blogger Witness said...

thanks for the advice. yes we've been told that. plus they are so expensive so we're just sticking with underwear at home and diapers when out. the whole wet thing doesn't really phase him that much, but we're hoping with a few days of the underwear it will. love ya sissy

10:44 PM

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9:46 PM

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