Monday, March 19, 2007

Elmo loves birthdays

Only 4 days until my birthday. I expect lots of presents and comments. If you need to know where to send them, you know how to reach me. I hope you know I'm kidding well to a point. Hope you are all well. I will be 29. ugh, getting up there!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Elmo loves weddings

One of our friends recently got married last weekend in duluth, mn during one of the worst snow storms in years. 35W was closed much of thursday and friday. Fortunately it was open when we left. Christian bonded with family while John and I had a little vacation. Since there were so many cancellations, we were upgraded to a whirlpool suite for free! How cool was that. It was fun. And there was a heated pool on the roof which was fun. It was way warm.

The wedding was fun and beautiful. It was for little John for those that know him.
We are doing well. Working on finding jobs in the cities for we are hopefully moving there soon.

Love ya all!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Elmo loves surgeries

Hello all who read this. We have just been chilling. Nothing really exciting. I am working at Kmart part time along with the YMCA a little bit when they give me hours. I mostly just get a free membership though. How cool is that.

Christian recently had surgery for tubes, and getting tonsils and adenoids out. It toke a little bit but he is doing much better now. Back to old energetic self. Christian is really into drawing right now. I think he will follow in father's footsteps. John is working on scanning his artwork into the computer.
John and I have a hot date tonight for a mystery shop. We're way excited. Please drop me a line folks and let me know how's it going! The 2 pictures on the left are at camp snoopy, the top right is when Christian met elmo and the bottom one you can figure out for your self.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Elmo loves Time

I realized today after showing a friend my blog that I haven't written a blog in like 4 months. I see most don't care since I have no comments from my last blog. For those that do, here is a little new info.

Christian is now 2 1/2 yrs old. He has been diagnosed with a mild form of autism. He is in sensory, developmental, speech, and occupational therapy. He is wonderful though. So full of life and energy and love. We get lots of kisses and hugs.

Christian also recently won a costume contest. John came up with the idea of him being a toilet and you know he won. He got 4 tickets to Sesame Street live, a limo ride and free dinner with Elmo and Cookie Monster. He had a blast. Attached is a picture of the toilet. God had used us here in East Dubuque. We have been able to witness to many kids and 1 family in particuliar where we have seen God use us and challenge us alot.

I have started working overnights at Kmart a few nights a week. It's nothing glamorous but a few extra bucks. After 2 weeks I was training. That should say a lot. I also still do the mystery shopping and also started do a trainer position at the YMCA. In January I'm going to be able to help with the weight loss program doing diets and such. I am excited to get back in to Nutrition again.

Love you all and Trust in Jesus. There are some pictures on my Myspace account.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Elmo loves Jesus

Hey all! Thought I would write a blog on the new park ministry that John and I started. We have met 3 times and it is going well. Tonight we had 6 kids show up. They ran up to our car when we showed up and they told us they had been waiting an 1 1/2 for us. We were like huh? Why would people be waiting for us. We played some games with them and they were so excited to have people to play with it seemed.

We told them the story from the Bible about the Armor of God. We handed out some tracts and 1 kid toke a Bible which was awesome to see how excited he was. The kids were responsive and listened better than we thought they would. Please pray for these kids and their home life especially. We're pretty sure these kids don't know the Lord.

Thanks all

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elmo loves talking

Hey all. Long time since last post. I'm convinced no one really reads this so I don't post that much. If you want to prove me wrong leave me a comment. We haven't been too busy here. I have taken up a cycling class at the Y which I enjoy. I have lost around 13 pounds but have a lot to go. I have my high school reunion coming up in a few weeks. Although I didn't have a lot of friends in high school, I'm actually looking forward to it. We'll also be able to see some friends from the cities. We have a baby shower this weekend for a friend from college. They haven't been married that long, but God is bigger heh.

Christian saw a speech therapist today and will be seeing one for at least a little bit to get his vocab on the map. He is the cutest talker though. His favorite toy is a toy spatula. He is sure becoming a big boy though. He went poop on the potty the other day for the second time ever and he is doing well with the potty.

We continue to pray for God's guidance in this world and for Him to lead and direct us in His paths. We are seeking ways to help in our new community. We're hopefully going to be volunteers at the local youth center. We're anxious to see what happens there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Elmo loves Birthdays and Anniversaries

Christian recently turned 2 yesterday. We had a big birthday bash on SAturday which was very fun. Christian also was able to go to a friends birthday party on his birthday so he incense had 2 parties. We also toke him to Choo Choo Charlies yesterday where they sang to him and gave him a free sundae. He had so much fun and especially enjoyed playing skeeball and other related games.

John and I also had our anniversary last Thursday. Year number 4. My sister and mom were here so they watched Christian for us. We went mini golfing, had a nice dinner at Red Robin, and went to a sports bar to watch the Finalssss. I was a good time, but a bummer to see the Suns lose.

Well it's not letting me put pictures up right now so you can check out my myspace account if you want more recent ones. otherwise take care all and drop me a note!