Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Elmo loves Time

I realized today after showing a friend my blog that I haven't written a blog in like 4 months. I see most don't care since I have no comments from my last blog. For those that do, here is a little new info.

Christian is now 2 1/2 yrs old. He has been diagnosed with a mild form of autism. He is in sensory, developmental, speech, and occupational therapy. He is wonderful though. So full of life and energy and love. We get lots of kisses and hugs.

Christian also recently won a costume contest. John came up with the idea of him being a toilet and you know he won. He got 4 tickets to Sesame Street live, a limo ride and free dinner with Elmo and Cookie Monster. He had a blast. Attached is a picture of the toilet. God had used us here in East Dubuque. We have been able to witness to many kids and 1 family in particuliar where we have seen God use us and challenge us alot.

I have started working overnights at Kmart a few nights a week. It's nothing glamorous but a few extra bucks. After 2 weeks I was training. That should say a lot. I also still do the mystery shopping and also started do a trainer position at the YMCA. In January I'm going to be able to help with the weight loss program doing diets and such. I am excited to get back in to Nutrition again.

Love you all and Trust in Jesus. There are some pictures on my Myspace account.


Blogger mama2dibs said...

I think you should post more often...I enjoy reading friend's blogs. :D

3:11 PM


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