Monday, March 06, 2006

Elmo loves Soap Operas

And Stuen if you're wondering this is John and Christian in unison saying ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!
I'm not sure if Elmo really does, but need to keep the theme going. Watching days of our lives and man how dumb and repetitive can they get. And also, for all those who have kids, do you spend that much time apart from them??? I never see belle and phillip with that baby. Do you??? They are out to dinner like every night which is so not realistic. I know it's just a soap opera but man does anyone else think that is soooo not realistic. Maybe i'm the only one who spends almost everyday completely with my child. Any feedback is welcomed.

On other news, Christian is doing a lot better with the potty training and is getting so smart. He sings almost all the verses to wheels on the bus now, and is learning itsy bitsy spider. It's so cute to watch. We have definetely found out in the past couple of weeks how stubborn he really is. He pulls us everywhere. But when it's time for us to pull him, the fit begins, so that's been our newest struggle.

Last weekend I was able to go to a Woman's retreat which was awesome. Talked a lot about realizing the sins in your life and confessing them to Christ. Very powerful. Sandra if you read this the lady was from your old church Elmbrook. Rhea briscoe i think. We told her we'd visit next time in Waukesha.

Here are some new pictures of Christian
Take Care all


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thats so it.

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