Monday, January 29, 2007

Elmo loves surgeries

Hello all who read this. We have just been chilling. Nothing really exciting. I am working at Kmart part time along with the YMCA a little bit when they give me hours. I mostly just get a free membership though. How cool is that.

Christian recently had surgery for tubes, and getting tonsils and adenoids out. It toke a little bit but he is doing much better now. Back to old energetic self. Christian is really into drawing right now. I think he will follow in father's footsteps. John is working on scanning his artwork into the computer.
John and I have a hot date tonight for a mystery shop. We're way excited. Please drop me a line folks and let me know how's it going! The 2 pictures on the left are at camp snoopy, the top right is when Christian met elmo and the bottom one you can figure out for your self.


Blogger mama2dibs said...

Free memebership to the Y? That's a lot of money...I'd take that as payment!

3:00 PM


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