Thursday, July 13, 2006

Elmo loves talking

Hey all. Long time since last post. I'm convinced no one really reads this so I don't post that much. If you want to prove me wrong leave me a comment. We haven't been too busy here. I have taken up a cycling class at the Y which I enjoy. I have lost around 13 pounds but have a lot to go. I have my high school reunion coming up in a few weeks. Although I didn't have a lot of friends in high school, I'm actually looking forward to it. We'll also be able to see some friends from the cities. We have a baby shower this weekend for a friend from college. They haven't been married that long, but God is bigger heh.

Christian saw a speech therapist today and will be seeing one for at least a little bit to get his vocab on the map. He is the cutest talker though. His favorite toy is a toy spatula. He is sure becoming a big boy though. He went poop on the potty the other day for the second time ever and he is doing well with the potty.

We continue to pray for God's guidance in this world and for Him to lead and direct us in His paths. We are seeking ways to help in our new community. We're hopefully going to be volunteers at the local youth center. We're anxious to see what happens there.