Monday, January 29, 2007

Elmo loves surgeries

Hello all who read this. We have just been chilling. Nothing really exciting. I am working at Kmart part time along with the YMCA a little bit when they give me hours. I mostly just get a free membership though. How cool is that.

Christian recently had surgery for tubes, and getting tonsils and adenoids out. It toke a little bit but he is doing much better now. Back to old energetic self. Christian is really into drawing right now. I think he will follow in father's footsteps. John is working on scanning his artwork into the computer.
John and I have a hot date tonight for a mystery shop. We're way excited. Please drop me a line folks and let me know how's it going! The 2 pictures on the left are at camp snoopy, the top right is when Christian met elmo and the bottom one you can figure out for your self.