Monday, June 05, 2006

Elmo loves Birthdays and Anniversaries

Christian recently turned 2 yesterday. We had a big birthday bash on SAturday which was very fun. Christian also was able to go to a friends birthday party on his birthday so he incense had 2 parties. We also toke him to Choo Choo Charlies yesterday where they sang to him and gave him a free sundae. He had so much fun and especially enjoyed playing skeeball and other related games.

John and I also had our anniversary last Thursday. Year number 4. My sister and mom were here so they watched Christian for us. We went mini golfing, had a nice dinner at Red Robin, and went to a sports bar to watch the Finalssss. I was a good time, but a bummer to see the Suns lose.

Well it's not letting me put pictures up right now so you can check out my myspace account if you want more recent ones. otherwise take care all and drop me a note!