Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Elmo loves May

Hello all!!! It is almost May again so John and I are making what has become our annual move. We are very happy to be moving to a house this time. We will be renting a house in East Dubuque, IL which is about 5 minutes from where we are now. So for all of those Iowa bashers technically we have gotten out of Iowa. But will still be doing most of our stuff there considering we're just right over the border.

Our house is 2 stories, big kitchen, 1 ba, dining room, living room, screened in porch, basement, back yard, garage and best of all C/A!!! We will be moving in over the next 2 weeks but officially May 1st.

Christian has been doing great on the potty at home. He tells us he has to go all the time now. It is great!!!

Hope you are all well!!!

Here is Christian's easter bunny picture