Thursday, August 10, 2006

Elmo loves Jesus

Hey all! Thought I would write a blog on the new park ministry that John and I started. We have met 3 times and it is going well. Tonight we had 6 kids show up. They ran up to our car when we showed up and they told us they had been waiting an 1 1/2 for us. We were like huh? Why would people be waiting for us. We played some games with them and they were so excited to have people to play with it seemed.

We told them the story from the Bible about the Armor of God. We handed out some tracts and 1 kid toke a Bible which was awesome to see how excited he was. The kids were responsive and listened better than we thought they would. Please pray for these kids and their home life especially. We're pretty sure these kids don't know the Lord.

Thanks all